Westminster Abbey is without a doubt one of my top places to see in London. In fact, I always return there on every visit.   Westminster Abbey has been England’s coronation church since 1066 and is the final resting place of seventeen monarchs. In fact, it’s renowned for so many of the British monarchs and famous historical figures entombed there, such as Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Geoffrey Chaucer, George Frideric Handel, Alfred Tennyson, and Charles Dickens to name a few. You can’t appreciate its magnificence until you actually see it.

Westminster Abbey Facts:

No English King or Queen has been buried at Westminster Abbey since King George the second who died in 1760.All sovereign burials since then have taken place at Windsor Castle

William the Conqueror was the first king to be crowned here

Westminster Abbey’s formal title is The Collegiate Church of St Peter