Portobello Market…A Truly Unique London Shopping Experience!

First, just let me say that if crowds aren’t your thing, then do not go here on Saturdays, because you’ll probably see more people here on a Saturday afternoon than you might see at a major sporting event. But if you don’t mind being a part of a throng of thousands of people, then you’ll be amazed and at the many different vendors here in this open market on Saturday afternoons exclusively…Particulary when it comes to antiques. Traveler’s note: the better antique shops are the ones in the permanant buildings that line the street, rather than the street vendor set-ups. This market is so large that you can’t possibly cover it all in one day, so you may want to add it to your list of places to return to on your next London visit. Oh and, if you want to visit some amazing vinyl record shops with many vintage old vinyl albums in their original carboard jackets, you’ll find an abundance of them here! Of note here as well…this is where the movie ” Notting Hill” was filmed, and you can easily see the original bookstore where the movie was filmed…ask me where it is!