London Travel Tips

 Make your sightseeing easier with these London travel tips:


  • When planning your trip to London, allow for a minimum of 6 to 8 days. 10 days is ideal.


  • Bring your most comfortable shoes, and shoes that provide cushioning. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking and standing on hard floors.


  • Use the audio tour devices at tourist attractions that offer them. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge about the tourist attraction you’re seeing.


  • Be sure to carry some loose change with you, and be sure to include in that change 20 pence coins. There are public toilets located at many of the outdoor attractions such as Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square and entrance to these toilets is typically 20 pence.


  • Always take a backpack with you, and be sure to have in it the following items: an umbrella, an extra layer for your upper body, a jacket, a portable power pack for your phone, a bottle of water, energy bars, and a packet of pain reliever like Advil or Tylenol.


  • Probably most importantly, allow enough time to see the sites you’re visiting and plan accordingly. Some of the sites take much longer to see than others. This is where I can be a tremendous help to you!


  • When traveling on the London Underground, always stand to the right on escalators. Busy London commuters going to and from work often walk up or down on the left side while hurrying to and from work.


  • Pay close attention when crossing London streets. While there are some exceptions to this rule, always look right first when crossing the street as traffic direction in The United Kingdom is opposite of most countries.


  • Keep your handbags and luggage within view at all times, particularly when at pubs or restaurants located near to major railway stations. Thieves thrive in these places, taking advantage of tourists being distracted by the fact that they are in a new place.


  • Be aware of thieves and pickpockets in the major shopping areas, particularly at Oxford Street and especially at Oxford Street Tube Station. Women should keep their handbags towards the inside and front of their torsos, and both men and women should keep their valuables in front pockets rather than rear pockets. If you’re carrying a backpack, be sure not to leave valuables in the open pockets.
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