London Taxi Tours

London Taxi Tours

Enrich Your London Experience By Taking A London Taxi Tour


Ray Coggin of London and UK Taxi Tours

Nothing against the Big Bus Tours, but there’s another way to see London on wheels that in many respects has many distinct advantages over the bus, not the least of which is staying warm. But imagine seeing London while riding in an iconic London taxicab, along with your own personal driver/guide who will point out interesting and fascinating facts about the sites, and even about those areas in between along the way to each site. This is the experience you’ll get when doing a London Taxi Tour. Two key advantages of London taxi tours over bus tours are better and more flexibility for photo ops as well as ‘comfort breaks’ which I’m sure don’t need explaining. 

The taxi tour company we recommend is London and U.K. Taxi Tours. All of their drivers have passed the famous London taxi driver “Knowledge” test, an examination that is arguably one of world’s most difficult tests a driver can take. It takes literally years of study, and in order to pass this test London cab drivers must memorize all of London’s over 25,000 streets as well as any business and/or famous landmarks on these streets. All of London Taxi Tour’s drivers have a formal qualification and badge issued by the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers. You truly are in some of the most capable and knowledgable hands when touring London with these drivers. 

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