My name is Matt Smith and I reside in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, where I have been the owner of an Web Design / I.T. business for 12 years.  I am the father to a 27 year old daughter, an avid runner and cyclist, and a frequent traveler to London of course! I have been passionate about London since my first visit there in 2002. I am equally as passionate about giving first time visitors to London advice on how to see London.Car-Smiling

I can make your visit to London the perfect trip. I’ve returned to London 27 times since my first trip, and during those subsequent trips, I learned all the ins and outs of seeing this culturally rich and fun city, and as a London Travel Guide, I have helped many first-time visitors make their first trip to London a fantastic experience!  I hope you will give me the privilege of helping you plan your first trip to London, and I can promise you that I will do everything I can to make it your best vacation ever!

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